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This just in...JESUS WAS SUCCESSFUL IN HIS MISSION ON EARTH! Because He was such a success, YOU ARE PERFECT, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, SINLESS in the sight of God. AND so is everybody else ... There is no need for faith, prayer, tithes, church attendance, repentance, and/or confession. IT IS FINISHED! Jesus fulfilled ALL Faith, ALL of the Law, ALL Bible Prophecy, and took ALL of God's anger, wrath, and judgment on the Cross. You are NEVER separated from God no matter what you do, think, or feel. This is the Good News (aka the Gospel)!


Michael Williams

Mike Williams, president and founder of MWM, began going door to door telling people about Jesus 30 years ago. He still is...

However, three decades later, the doors he goes to now are open and the work of Jesus which Mike teaches is much more profound and complete than when he started as a teenager.

"Back in the day", Mike (like almost all those in evangelical Christianity) taught that Jesus' sacrifice is only affective in a person's life if he or she believes and obeys Him.

Today, Mike is happy to agree with Jesus Himself by declaring, "It is finished".

Spending many years as one of the most popular "circuit speakers" and pastors in the so-called "Word of Faith" or charismatic movement, Mike began wondering about the questionable doctrines he was proclaiming from the very pulpits that welcomed him to spread their brand of religion.

Michael finally came to the same conclusion that another well-known former Pharisee named Paul came to. Namely, to "glory in the cross" and to "know nothing save Christ and Christ crucified".

Currently Mike travels the world sharing his insights from the Bible with interested groups. His message is Christ exalting, freedom loving, and laced with God's grace and peace. Among his greatest gifts is to simply teach by reading the Bible in context.

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You can contact Mike at 281-955-1910 or email him at freedom@gospelrevolution.com


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