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This just in...JESUS WAS SUCCESSFUL IN HIS MISSION ON EARTH! Because He was such a success, YOU ARE PERFECT, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, SINLESS in the sight of God. AND so is everybody else ... There is no need for faith, prayer, tithes, church attendance, repentance, and/or confession. IT IS FINISHED! Jesus fulfilled ALL Faith, ALL of the Law, ALL Bible Prophecy, and took ALL of God's anger, wrath, and judgment on the Cross. You are NEVER separated from God no matter what you do, think, or feel. This is the Good News (aka the Gospel)!

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The Gospel of Inclusion:

A Pivotal Understanding

In the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001, and given the religious underpinning of those attacks, I remarked, “Spirituality should not be measured by who is excluded but rather by who is included".

That seemed to really strike a chord in the hearts of a lot of people with this simple yet powerful Gospel truth.

The fact that there is total inclusion for everyone in the Gospel and that all people were included in Christ's work of the Cross has inspired much discussion, debate, and in some cases, delight.

My colleague Carlton Pearson even wrote a book in 2008 he entitled “The Gospel of Inclusion”.

The Gospel is called two things in the New Testament Writings: the Gospel of Peace and the Gospel of Grace. The Gospel does have many elements or doctrines, if you will, one of which is the doctrine of “inclusion.”  However, to understand the beauty of our inclusion, we must compare it with another doctrine of the Gospel which is the doctrine of “exclusion.”

It is vitally important to know that human beings were purposely left out of entire redemption process by God. Why?  Because the moment people would have become involved in any aspect of the process, that is the moment that doubt and unbelief begins to plague the souls of those who believe they are part of the redemptive process in any way, shape or form.

When you believe you are part of the process of being "born again" or being redeemed, you have begun a religious trek down a very dark trail that will not end until you are apprehended by the Gospel.  Unfortunately, for some people it does not end until death. Still, we are very happy to be able to announce that the clarity of the understanding of the Gospel, in all its implications, is becoming stronger and stronger.

We actually have the privilege of knowing that we are not a part of this glorious process that was fulfilled over 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. Because we were left out of it, is the reason we were all included in it.

This is the great mystery that Paul was talking about, this mystery of how everyone was excluded so that everybody could be included by the mercy and grace of God.

The only way that we are going to truly see the love of God is to see that ALL of the issues regarding sin have been resolved forever and for everyone.

This Gospel of Peace, which Isaiah proclaimed as the covenant of peace which after having been established would NEVER be removed from the Earth. If this covenant of peace has been established by Christ, which is what we believe, there is no way that there could be anything called ‘sin’ vies a vies God's view and opinion of the human race

Here's more Good News: The Scriptures are not, and never were, about you.  The Holy Scriptures were always about Jesus and His work at the Cross as defined by Jesus Himself. Unlike the message of Preterism, Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures at the cross and not 70 years later as taught by Preterism.

Please rejoice that you weren’t included in God’s covenant. God made covenant between two immovable forces: Himself and Himself. You and every other human being were excluded in that covenant so that we all would be included in Christ, born again with Him as a new creature: one with each other, one with Christ, one with God.

                                                – Mike Williams



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